Dear Colleague,

As a business leader, you face significant challenges in selecting and developing the key leader-managers you need for your organization now – and in the future.

Most of your leaders have the functional skills they need to do the job – congratulations you have taught them well!  However, many are lacking key behavioral skills that will set them and your company apart from the rest.

Do people on your team engage and mobilize employees, communicate simply and powerfully, successfully influence others, foster collaboration, and move things forward?  If you answered ‘no’ to even one of these items, then you need to think about the Polaris Program and how it can help build your key people into leaders that will drive your organization’s success.

• More productive       • Better in relationships       • Prepared to lead others

Through insightful assessment and constructive coaching we will identify, stimulate and develop positive and enduring changes in your key people.

They’ll become more productive, better in relationships, genuinely fulfilled within themselves, with measurable, focused improvements in their contributions. They will be happier – and so will you!

- David Huggins, Founder Polaris Leadership Academy