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Your job description
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Of late I have found myself spending a great deal of time working on job descriptions. I have written new job descriptions, reworked existing ones and eliminated those that were no longer valid. As we worked through the list of 30+ position descriptions, my co-workers and I found ourselves contemplating the purpose of a job description. It is certainly a valuable tool for recruiting new talent for our organization. Managers use the position description as a barometer for measuring employee skills and experience. Employees have a keen interest in them as it lets them know what is expected of them in the roles.

Recently I came across a help wanted ad that left me pondering what the job description would look like and, more interestingly, the resumes of the individuals that would feel worthy of responding. The ad went something like this.

Help Wanted: Looking for an individual with a mighty purpose who is willing to grow into a huge presence. If you are ready to apply all your efforts to reach your peak, apply within.

Have you discovered your "mighty purpose”? Are you ready to apply all of your efforts to reach your peak?

Looking back over the last 9 months of the Polaris program, David and Amanda have helped to move us forward in the direction of our purpose. They have offered encouragement, tools and meaningful discussion, all to aid us in reaching our peak. As for applying all our efforts, I think this one is up to us.

Whether we have discovered our purpose or are still searching, we can choose to show up each day and be our best selves.

Yes you are worthy. Your resume is perfect. So go for it!!

Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose

-- Leonardo da Vinci


Shirley MacBeath