Point Of View - Desires And Expectations Of Others

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Desires and Expectations of Others – by Sheila Ellerton

The lead article this month is extremely pertinent to a situation taking place in the condo where I live. Our Condo Board of Directors was recently depleted when one Director moved, one resigned and the President was stripped of his position and as a consequence of that action, he resigned. Subsequently, the two remaining Directors appointed three interim Directors to serve until the AGM in early December.

As a result of these actions, it feels like sides have been drawn. There are a lot of rumours and tension floating around these days. The newly appointed President of the Board held two coffee mornings to, in his words, clear up the confusion. This is where the emotional part of the brain takes over – I, for one, was not confused; I was upset and concerned. That meeting did nothing to allay my concerns so I met with the board privately and expressed my concerns about the process and application of their decision to oust the current president so close to an election. At this point there were three Directors, two elected and one appointed. They muttered something about fiduciary obligations and secrecy inherent with their Board position which was a deflection in my estimation. I did not need to know the details but rather was concerned that why, after serving on the board with this man for two years and re-electing him President twice, it was suddenly imperative to remove him. And even more important was the question of ethics and treating others with dignity and respect. They, by their words and actions, ruled this man guilty by insinuation. I never did get an answer as to how they arrived at their decision and how they implemented it.

It seems to be going from bad to worse. The new Board has blocked this man and his wife from serving on committees at every opportunity. So badly have they been treated that they are now selling their unit and moving elsewhere.

In fairness to this new Board, they are working hard at trying to establish new committees and allay people’s concerns by speaking to them privately if requested. They do have some good ideas. But I also feel that we are being micro-managed in how we can/should operate our lives.

My point to this interim Board is that actions speak louder than words. We are being inundated with newsletters and notices of coffee hours to address our concerns. But when questions are asked that might put the board in an uncomfortable spot, they are deflected. The Board formed new committees but not everyone who put their name down for a committee was accepted or informed of their non-acceptance. They were just ignored. This was totally unnecessary as each of the new committees is very short of members.

So is it the root decision to blame or the implementation strategy? Perhaps it is both. We may never know but one thing for sure, the AGM will be an interesting episode in management.