Positive Workplace - The 5 W’s of A Positive WorkPlace

We’re all familiar with the 5 ‘W’s of a news story  -- or a crime investigation, for that matter. 

You’ll remember the 5 Ws are about the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the story.  The order of the Ws typically varies depending on the writer’s objectives -- or the readers’ perceived position, or their curiosity.

Given the readership of this newsletter, my bet is that there are many who might well ask of the concept of A Positive Workplace . . .

WHY when we’re all still in such a tough spot;   when businesses are into their third ‘re-org’ or fifth ‘right-sizing’, why talk about  a Positive WorkPlace? 
Because a positive workplace is good for business: 

  • It helps with retention (of staff AND customers)
  • There’s greater productivity and innovation
  • Absenteeism, safety issues and health care costs all decrease

.... and more

WHAT is a positive workplace?

A positive workplace is an environment in which individuals and teams flourish as the organization itself thrives in achieving its mission.

A positive workplace is one which brings out the best within each of their people – top to bottom and side to side.   A place to excel and grow!  A safe place to make mistakes!

And it’s more — much more!

Best of all, it’s that place where we can be our best and become even better.  It’s that place we leave at the end of the day feeling energized, ready and excited to take on the same – and more – the very next day!

WHEN is the right time to focus one’s efforts in this area?

Bottom line, ALL the time — and more especially in bad times — if you want a good bottom line, and beyond, that is.!

WHERE do these workplaces exist?  More to the point, do they exist? 

Yes, absolutely, they exist.  Sometimes they are limited groups of people within an organization.  Sometimes they are company or store-wide.  Sometimes you’ll even find them within a home!

Positive Workplaces are not limited by size, generation, geography, culture or creed. But sadly,  they are often hampered by ego -- and greed.

But where to start!  Well, how about with you?

WHOYou, who!

Your mindset, mood, attitude, behaviour and language all play a part in your productivity, creativity – likeability – and performance.  Not to mention the mood, mindset, attitude, language, behaviour and creativity of others – and their overall performance.

The positive workplace, if it is going to be – it begins with me (and you!)

HOW —Want to know? 

Stay tuned!  In the new year we’ll bring you a series of practical suggestions about how to create that place in which individuals and teams flourish – as your organization realizes its potential.

Be well, be strong, do good!

Amanda - http://www.positiveworkplace.com