Point of View - Seeking Strengths

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Seeking Strengths

When I first started this article, I asked myself "what about Polaris has had the biggest effect on me?”

Before Polaris and my association with David, Amanda & "P8”, I would have automatically headed to the negative and thought about things that I need to change or improve within myself.   I have realized that the most useful tool that I have gained from Polaris is not about changing or improving at all – it is about identifying and building on strengths within myself.  This has naturally progressed to seeking the strengths in others as well and has already provided great and wonderful changes in my life!

It’s not something we do easily; all throughout our years, our mistakes and failings are pointed out – not our growth and potential.  It is so easy to see the negative and such a mind shift to think about strengths in every person in every situation.  It’s a whole new way of "seeing”.  

Thinking of strengths instead of weakness has allowed me to take a second look at some of the people in my life.   It has allowed me to improve relationships with business colleagues, friends, and even family.  Identifying the strengths in others also allows us to employ those strengths for our own advantage (with the added bonus of making them feel good because of their natural and sometimes unrealized skill sets!).  I know am consciously re-training myself to see more of the strengths in everyone I know. 

I would never have guessed that such a simple concept would have such huge impact in my life and outlook.   It’s another one of those "not-so-common” common sense things we should all do everyday.

That’s how I see it anyway.

Penny McDonald