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Polaris Leadership Academy

Maximize your team’s productivity while having more time to think about the strategic issues that drive the company

Successful leaders know that their people make the difference between good and great performance.  Building your high potential employees into the future leaders of your organization is critical to attaining the company goals, succession planning, and delivering long-term results.

When key employees are given the opportunity to grow – both in the challenges their role provides and through the development of their leadership skills – they respond in kind.

For you

  1. More time to think about the big strategic issues that generate wealth
  2. Higher moral and lower employee turnover leading to improved productivity
  3. Increased quality of ideas generated through disciplined thought
  4. Reduced level of personal stress knowing your people are contributing
  5. Improved company results through more focused execution

For your key employee(s):

  1. More productive from the confidence you have instilled in them
  2. More effective in relationships that result in higher collaboration
  3. More focused leader of teams resulting in higher impact contributions
  4. Better at making decisions because they know how to listen to the brutal facts
  5. More nimble, high performance oriented behaviour

Through insightful assessment and constructive coaching, we identify, stimulate and develop positive and enduring changes in your key people, helping prepare them for significantly more senior roles and responsibilities.
Participants become aware of their top behaviour skills and learn how to leverage them to complement the functional skills they already have.  Through the experience, they become increasingly focused, confident, and resilient in ways that contribute and add value to the business in measurable ways.

Polaris builds leaders...

  • The Polaris program is not so much about skills as it is about perspective and behaviour.  The program is designed to create awareness, stimulate action and drive planned development in line with the corporate strategies, while responding to differences in individual priorities and goal attainment.

Polaris builds coaches...

  • Polaris graduates become accomplished coaches capable of building other leaders within their own organization.  All the concepts, methods and learning materials from the program are theirs to use as they progress along their own leadership pathway.

Polaris builds support...

  • Polaris graduates build a lasting support structure.  They encounter a diverse group of other leaders during the program and are encouraged to engage in peer-to-peer coaching.
  • Graduates are able to repeat any portion of the program as often as they wish and retain access to one-on-one coaching.
  • Through the Polaris Alumni, graduates attend regular seminars and bridge calls to discuss new leadership concepts and theories, while further providing opportunities for peer support in their growth as leaders.

Call today!  David (416-254-4167) or Jeff (905-601-0311) can help determine if your employee is right for the Polaris leadership experience.  Our next program begins September 14/15, 2010.

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