Oh Canada

We Are People Making A Global Statement On Leadership

.... By Jeff Haltrecht

Jeff Haltrecht is a principal Leadership Coach at the Polaris Learning Academy and the Facilitator of the Polaris Alumni; he is a regular contributor to Polaris Digest

You could call it a story about a Prince and Princess who were able to capture the imagination of the people and make them feel important.  After all, Canada was the first international destination the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited since becoming newlyweds earlier in the year.

But in reality, our ability to relate to Prince William and Princess Kate has nothing to do with how they made us feel, but how we feel about each other as proud Canadians.

The people of Canada have grown as individuals and as a society in the past 3 to 5 years, from the belief of its ‘okay to be second’, to the humble confidence that we now portray when we put our foot down and take a stand.

Looking at the pictures of the Royal Tour, reading business leader’s comments about how potash is a core asset, or watching live when one of our athletes win big, I see pride, confidence, and strength.

We are writing our own story now, complete with new heroes, values, and rituals, which we celebrate en masse – yes, in large groups, in public, freely and safely.  Where else in the world can you do that?

Not a believer yet?  I trace this change in attitude back to Canada being the first G7 country to balance their finance books.  Call this the foundation of confidence.  Now, in the past three years alone, we have displayed to the world our strength in numbers:

  1. The strongest and healthiest banking system
  2. Defending core assets in potash
  3. TMX shareholders turning down an acquisition offer from the London Stock Exchange
  4. Winning the most gold medals at the winter Olympics
  5. Being world champions in hockey and curling for both men and women
  6. Formula One realizing they could not live without the Montreal Grand Prix
  7. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choosing Canada as their first international visit

And these are just seven examples!  We will be able to tell our children how the people of Canada – all races and religions – became unified behind a set of values and leveraged our heroes to make ourselves feel proud.  We have taken ownership of our future and are shaping the country’s new reality.  It’s our story now.

— Go Canada Go —