The Positive Workplace - DO or DIE

Faced with deadlines, misaligned priorities, and difficult times or challenging markets, do you ever feel like it has come to that?  As if you’d better produce – or else! 

All day long, all we hear about is the need for results, outcomes, achievement, accomplishment, projects to be delivered on time and tasks completed as agreed.  These are the things that are supposed to get us up-and-out in the morning, drive us through the day and put a meal on the table in the evening. 

This is all well and good if you’re ‘juiced’, got gas in your tank or bounce-back ability to spare.  But what if you don’t?

What if you’ve drawn a blank?  What if your ‘get-up-and-go’ just got up and went? Or worse yet, you’ve been running on empty for the last few miles.

More, better, farther, faster - and all with less, of course!  Being productive appears to be an obsession in our western world. 

If you ever find yourself in this situation, consider the following:-

  1. STOP.  Just stop whatever it is that you are doing - and breathe.  Not that you haven’t been breathing of course, but likely those breaths have been shallow and all but useless.  Take some deep, mindful breaths to revitalize your lungs, your blood stream and your brain.

  2. SMILE(S).  Get your positive emotions flowing again!  Watch an amusing UTube;  listen to a lovely piece of music; marvel at the humming bird at its feeder; connect with a good friend. Surround yourself with happy or positive people – people who are a gain not a drain. 

  3. Be STRONG.  Remember the good times when life, work and relationships were going well.  What was happening, what was going on, who were you with, what was working well? 

  4. SAVOR those memories and extract the essence, the positive ingredients.

  5. Gain CLARITY – what ONE thing, and only one thing is it that you are trying to do, right now.

  6. Take STOCK of your resources -- first applying the positive ingredients from previous successes to the current situation as time and energy permit.

  7. Then DO IT - just do it - however that is.

  8. Allow yourself to BE HUMAN.  You’re not perfect; no one is perfect.  And your output doesn’t have to be perfect first time out either. 

  9. JDI.   JGID.  Just do it. Just get it done; THEN refine it.

  10. REFILL YOUR BUCKET.  Rest, Relax and Replenish.  Get ready for your next turn at the bat! 

    You’ll feel good, you’ll DO good AND you’ll be nicer to know.

Works for me;
How about you?

Amanda Levy