"Your writing is truly inspirational! I noticed that it changed the way I thought and acted at work and in my private life almost instantly. In fact, for the past week, I have been lucky enough to claim top portfolio out of 15 of my coworkers here in Toronto and in California.  Not only did I make more than I ever have in the past, but I am reaching targets that I never thought imaginable.  To be able to do it, I needed to believe it was possible, and to know that sometimes making huge unrealistic goals works!"

- Tiffany daSilva, Moxi Media
"I gained clarity and understanding of my particular challenges... to take a strategic approach... and achieve positive outcomes.  I learned to work from my strengths... your style and manner of facilitation helped me to arrive at the answers I needed.  You helped me envsion new heights and opportunities.  You gave me a fabulous gift, empowerment - my heartfelt thanks!"

- Bardhonia Harding,
BCG Logistics Group

From seven-time winner of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies

The senior management team at Mackinnon Transport has enjoyed the vast benefits of Polaris by Alex’s recent successful completion of the program. It has enhanced his business professionalism while elevating his daily contribution to the team.

I’m confident that future participation in the Polaris Program by our other team members will continue to enhance both their personal career growth as well as benefit our joint company-wide efforts to remain a leader in our own industry - Led by the Best; Expecting only the Best.

- Evan MacKinnon
CEO, MacKinnon Transport

"I really appreciated and value the extensive range of resources, be it coaching, websites, books, etc.  I have now set up a one-year mini program with my own staff and am providing them the opportunity to learn how to develop themselves."

- Bill Fitzgerald,
Hamilton Port Authority

"The enthusiasm and confidence I gained through the principles, concepts, and philosophies within the Polaris Program have been felt not only by myself and my direct reports, but through out our entire organization."

- Alex MacKinnon, MacKinnon Transport

"To represent Polaris as a series of tools or techniques that one uses occasionally when convenient is a gross understatement of the program.

The most valuable aspect of the program to me was, and continues to be, a heightened awareness of self and the interactions with colleagues and business associates.

The ability to maximize those relationships to bring out the best in myself and others, both personally and professionally, was a totally unexpected outcome of the program and probably the most valuable professional training I have undertaken.

The benefits of the program span all levels of employees and business sectors by maximizing existing relationships and creating new ones through too often routine and undervalued interactions."
-April Meyer, Algonquin Power

"The Polaris Program has helped me to look at life as a whole, not as individual roles and responsibilities.

The toolkit I have developed has, and will continue to be, of use in
business and personal life. Each workout has provided insight, strategies and methods that I regularly use to make a positive impact on those around me.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in developing as a manager, leader and person.”

- Geoff Topping, MacKinnon Transport

"I have realized that the most useful tool that I have gained from Polaris is not about changing or improving at all – it is about identifying and building on strengths within myself.  This has naturally progressed to seeking the strengths in others as well and has already provided great and wonderful changes in my life!"

- Penny McDonald, ECL

"The Polaris program has made it possible for me to investigate and challenge new ways of leading. It has enabled me to implement the skills reviewed in our sessions as well as providing necessary direction and support when challenges occur. It has made me a better leader and mentor to my company and my team."

- Darryl Johnson