Over a period of one year, the Polaris Leadership Academy covers 9 strategies in a unique series of group sessions and teleconferences with up to 12 like-minded leaders, plus one-on-one coaching designed specifically for each individual.

    * 12 - 4 hour group workouts

    * 24 - 1 hour group conference calls

    * Spontaneous personalized one-to-one coaching


Every participant is benchmarked to establish a starting position

    * identify strengths and developmental needs
    * define key areas for intended success
    * create a contract for planned results
    * design a personal scorecard to monitor progress


Monthly group tutorials on leadership & management concepts. Participants select those initiatives that will generate the most meaningful results within their particular context.


    * Documentation of concepts and resources are made available on a secure website for the use of all participants.
    * Peer group discussions and bridge calls are used to help with implementation of concepts and find workable solutions to problems.
    * Building networks for ongoing support is encourage.


Each participant has access to coaches to address intricate details and sensitivities.


    * Each participant will create a personal action plan based on his or her initial benchmarking results and updated through the duration of the program.
    * In addition, each participant is required to create a personal performance convenant with his or her own manager detailing what the organization can expect from their involvement in the Polaris Program.

Self Insight

A series of unique projects are incorporated to foster self insight and awareness

    * Equus - an experience in non-verbal communication
    * Sherlock - an experience in observation, interpretation and inductive reasoning
    * Angel - demonstrated leadership in giving back to the community