What is the Polaris Leadership Academy?

The Polaris Program is a high-intensity, 12 month coaching program designed to help you, the emerging leader, realize your future potential - today!

This practical program - integrating material on strategy, relationships and values-in-action - moves quickly from concept through implementation to practice, with the added benefit of the opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas that result from a diverse group of participants

Why is there a need for the program?

First:  Business is suffering, paying the price for all the major downsizings of the 1990s (and again in the past year) and scrambling to reduce the impact of the imminent retirement of as much as 45% of current senior management over the next decade.  To secure their future, organizations must develop their management bench-strength.

Second:  Individuals have not had consistent, ongoing encouragement for growth and development.  Few have the opportunity to develop and grow into their leadership and management roles.  Organizations promote individuals because of their technical expertise rather than the critical ability to apply strategy, benefit through relationships and create a foundation of personal values.  As a result of flatter organizations, many have to make a leap (rather than a climb) up the corporate ladder - and they are not ready!)

Who should join?

High potential individuals and emerging leaders who want to:

    * think, lead and manage strategically
    * build and sustain truly effective relationships
    * build on a principled foundation
    * be someone others will trust, respect and want to work with
    * be more productive, happier and more fulfilled

When does it start?

There are two programs per year, with the next one starting in May 2010.  Preparatory benchmarking will commence during the 4 weeks before that.

Where is it held?

The Polaris Leadership Academy consists of both live and virtual elements.  The benchmarking, intensives and monthly tutorials are face-to-face and currently held in the Toronto-Oakville-Guelph area.  The twice-monthly teleconferences, one-to-one phone and e-mail coaching are virtual.

What are the benefits of this multi-faceted program?

A personalized year-long process of growth and development, lead by experienced facilitators and coaches, with the added benefit of tapping into the collective wisdom and energy of a community of like minded individuals.  Bottom line:  sustainable, incremental, exponential growth over time.

What is the cost to join?

Your investment in the program is $8,950 for the 12 months, payable 50% up-front and the remaining 50% after 3 months.

Are there any pre-requisites to participating?

A demonstrated desire for growth and development within an organizational context.  Commitment to working through a personal action plan.  The desire to learn and share.

So, are you ready to get started?