Self Development vs Role Development

Our approach is to build upon identifiable strengths and to compensate for perceived weaknesses through the identification of new strategies.

Individual Focus vs Group Focus

Every participant is expected to design and apply a personal agenda for self development that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Participants are encouraged to share ideas and insights during tutorials, bridge calls, and related activities but are expected to make independent decisions.

Behavioural Based vs Skills Based

Participants become aware of their top behaviour skills and learn how to leverage them to complement the functional skills they already have.

Principles are the Entry Point

The primary role of the Polaris coaches are to present and promote ideas, examples, experiences, and proofs of concepts that have real value and application within the work environment.

Applications are Shared

Participants are encouraged to offer and exchange perspectives on matters of common and mutual interest, but may not interfere with the affairs of others.

Implementation is Personal

The critical point of leverage for every participant is the one-on-one coaching process, which deals with precise implementations for each situation.

Each participant convenants with his/her manager to define and realize particular self growth objectives within the context of the organization.