This one’s for you, graduate!

Self development is a journey not a destination….as you have discovered.

You began the Polaris journey with the support of "like minded leaders” - wouldn’t it be nice to continue with the support of these colleagues?

That is what the Polaris Alumni, now in its fifth year, is all about --  a safe place for on-going learning, development, sharing and growing with an ever expanding group of individuals.

Those in the Alumni are all leaders who have experienced the same developmental concepts as you, and put them into play in a variety of industries, roles and environments.  In other words, a ready-made network for you to draw on and with which you can continue to develop.

What’s involved with the Polaris Alumni experience?  All the elements that you most enjoyed from the Polaris program tailored to meet your advanced needs!

•    5 workout sessions in the year
•    5 bridgecalls, in the intervening months
•    Spontaneous personal one-to-one coaching

What’s in this for me?

Workout sessions where you can meet with your colleagues face to face, discuss and learn about topics and concepts of special interest to you as a leader/manager.

Bridgecalls are opportunities to mine the expertise of the group.  Typically we hold a MasterMind session where we can more fully develop an area of particular interest, or you can present a concern and benefit from the experience, wisdom and coaching of the others on the call.

Got a challenge that is stopping you in your tracks?  Then spontaneous personal one-to-one coaching will provide you with individual attention on your specific situation – just when you need it most.