Our Mission

  • We understand people and their desire for success and harmony.
  • We understand organizations and their need for productivity and results.
  • Our goal is to help individuals and organizations select the right strategies, develop appropriate relationships and to achieve consistent, sustainable success.

About Andros Consultants

Andros Consultants is focused on helping people, teams and organizations to be their best. Founded in 1975, Andros has a proud and impeccable record of business consulting successes. The Polaris Leadership Academy was developed by Andros Consultants as part of their diverse portfolio of solutions offered to individuals and organizations. You can find more about Andros at www.andros.org or email them at info@andros.org.

David Huggins, MASc, FloD, CMS

David is principal of Andros Consultants and founder of the Polaris Leadership Academy. He is a behavioural scientist with diverse business experience, combining a profound knowledge of human dynamics with insightful strategy and practical methods for building leadership potential and managerial effectiveness within the many organizations he counsels.

Jeff Haltrecht, CEC

Jeff is an advisor and coach to a small and select group of business owners - senior executives and their key high potential people, on leadership strategies, people development, and strategic business planning needs. Leveraging his 21 years of hands-on marketing and general management experience, he helps individuals create tremendous results through little shifts in how they lead. You can learn more about Jeff at www.jeffhaltrecht.com.

Sheila Ellerton

Sheila has been associated with Andros Consultants for over 20 years, and is presently the executive coordinator of the Polaris Program. She operates her own Virtual Executive Assistant business helping small business leaders manage their office more effectively.